Certified Peer Specialist/Peer Case Manager

Salary: $16.00 an hour

Job Description: The St. Louis Empowerment Center (STLEC) is a recovery drop-in center for people who have lived experience with behavioral health issues. The Empowerment Center serves to provide a peer-based supportive community that builds hope and encourages healthy behaviors for individuals searching for recovery or maintaining recovery.
Peer Case Managers will be expected to provide integrated, whole-health and wellness services through structured, intensive peer-based recovery supports; i.e., Peer Case Management (“PCM”). PCM is designed to serve as a hub for peer-directed recovery supports, which puts it at the center of other important treatment, recovery, and social services. Reciprocal referrals, agency/service linkages, and intensive recovery supports by a Peer Case Manager are key to integrating these services within a whole health and wellness system for recovery
Job Description: The Peer Case Manager will be expected to develop peer-driven "caseloads" for PCM, which entails "traditional" peer recovery support services, as well as a more extensive and intensive suite of services such as:
• Providing program participants mutual peer support & unconditional positive regard
• Certified Peer Specialist services, including, but not limited to:
o Identifying barriers to recovery from SUD or COD
o Support in setting & attaining peer-centered recovery goals
o Linkages to recovery housing
o Inroads to affordable housing
o Other participant-defined recovery goals
• Linkages to clinical recovery supports (e.g., medically-assisted treatment, etc.)
• Linkages to community services (e.g., Community Behavioral Health Centers, etc.)
• Assistance with self-management tools & skills (e.g., Wellness Recovery Action Planning, financial literacy, benefits navigation, etc.)
• Assistance/linkages for justice-involved individuals (e.g., Drug Court, re-entry programs, etc.)
• Encouraging participants' attendance at recovery groups
• Assisting with appointments and follow-ups for various "specialty" services (e.g., medically assisted treatment, recovery housing, physical and wellness checkups, etc.)
• Assisting with managing personal resources (e.g., benefits, rental assistance, referrals, etc.)
• Providing linkages to community self-management supports (e.g., AA, NA, advocacy groups, etc.)
• Assisting with formal community services/supports (e.g., employment trainings, educational programs, etc.)

Additional duties of the position require the Peer Case Manger to:
• Model, train/facilitate, and encourage participants to implement recovery-positive behaviors and skills
• Maintain current documentation via Case Management Software
• Transport participants as needed for appointments/referrals
• Track participants' encounters with medical providers, counselors, & other social services
• Assist with formal assessments
• Provide other recovery- and peer-based services, as determined by supervisory staff
To apply, email cover letter and resume to Sheila Mihalick at sheilamihalick@dbsaempowerment.org

Location: St. Louis, MO

Website: https://www.dbsaempowerment.org

Requirements:  Qualifications:
• Certified Peer Specialist (SUD/OUD or co-occurring/lived experience preferred)
• Experience delivering employment related services
• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Familiarity with a person-centered, strengths-based perspective
• Familiarity with the recovery model

To Apply: Please Submit a resume and cover letter to: Sheila Mihalick sheilamihalick@dbsaempowerment.org