Housing Coordinator fo the Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers (MCRSP)

Salary: $40,000 annually

City: Jefferson City

State: Missouri

Job Description:

Position: Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers (MCRSP) Housing Coordinator
Location: Jefferson City, MO
Reports to: Executive Director, Greg Smith
Pay: $40,000 per annum, no benefits available
Mandatory Requirements: Drivers License and Reliable Transportation, Substantial Travel Required (will be reimbursed for travel)

The Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers (MCRSP) is seeking an individual with exceptional administrative and people skills with a passion for recovery to manage the accreditation and continued application of National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) Standards for recovery homes throughout the State of Missouri. The position requires frequent travel throughout the state.

Job Title: Housing Coordinator for the Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers (MCRSP)

MCRSP was established in 2015 to create a voice and representation for faith and community-based recovery support service providers in Missouri. The coalition exists to identify, unite, mobilize, and empower grassroots recovery support providers that assist individuals in their restoration of self-worth, human dignity, self-respect, life skills, and self-confidence needed for sustained recovery and effective community living. MCRSP is a network of organizations with different specialties and approaches, including faith-based churches, outreach ministries, peer organizations, clinical treatment, law enforcement and governmental partners. MCRSP is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by the Executive Director. https://mcrsp.org/

Job Overview: The Housing Coordinator of MCRSP will be responsible for accrediting housing recovery programs throughout the State of Missouri in accordance with guidelines established by the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR). MCRSP is the Missouri state affiliate of NARR. https://narronline.org/ The Housing Coordinator will report to the MCRSP Executive Director. The Housing Coordinator is expected to model behavior that is consistent with the mission, vision and core values of the organization at all times. The Housing Coordinator will be based out of the MCRSP office in Jefferson City, MO, will work in coordination with the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Corrections and other organizations to promote and review recovery housing programs in the state. This position requires routine in-state travel and some out-of-state travel. The applicant must have reliable transportation. MCRSP will reimburse the individual for mileage, motel stays and meals while traveling for MCRSP business.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Oversee and manage the accreditation of recovery housing in the State of Missouri. This requires the ability to review documentation submitted by recovery homes seeking accreditation, including policies and procedures, insurance documentation, etc.;
2. Conduct on-site reviews and inspections of recovery homes to ensure they are in compliance with the standards established by NARR;
3. Ability to work with local “peer reviewers” who will assist in the inspection of recovery homes in Missouri;
4. Ability to review grievances filed by residents and other stakeholders against recovery homes and assemble a case file for review of the allegations and recommend an appropriate remedy;
5. Maintain records and files of the status of recovery homes in the State of Missouri, including preparing monthly reports to be submitted to government agencies and published on the MCRSP web site;
6. Work with the Housing Task Force of MCRSP to develop appropriate policies and procedures for recovery homes in the State of Missouri;
7. Work with recovery homes and programs to develop a data collection system about clients utilizing recovery programs statewide;
8. Manage the planning and direct the implementation and evaluation of the program to enhance effectiveness and ensure alignment with the MCRSP mission;
9. Provide leadership and responsibility to assure the organization is well-respected, self-sufficient, and financially secure;
10. Represent the organization and its mission to members, funders, community leaders, key stakeholder organizations and the community at large;
11. Establish and maintain relationships with organizations throughout the state and utilize those relationships to enhance MCRSP’s mission;
12. Assist in marketing and other communication efforts;
13. Assist in planning meetings and conferences;
14. Assist the Executive Director in other duties as assigned, including working with national and state coalitions and affiliates, government agencies and government officials;
15. Ability to effectively work independently;
16. Other duties as assigned.


Requirements: 1. At least a high school diploma or equivalent;
2. Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation (you will be reimbursed for travel);
3. Knowledge and understanding of behavioral health issues and related treatment and supportive services delivery models;
4. Strong preference given to someone who is in personal recovery from a substance use or alcohol use disorder;
5. Must have a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS), Missouri Recovery Support Specialist (MRSS) credential or other credential with the Missouri Credentialing Board (MCB) or at least meet the qualifications to obtain a credential;
6. Strong preference given to someone who has lived and worked in a recovery home setting in the past or currently;
7. Unwavering commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation;
8. Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills;
9. Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people;
10. Good computer skills, especially Excel;
11. Passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed.

Salary and Benefits: Annual Salary $40,000. We are unable to provide any benefits at this time. The individual will be reimbursed for work-related travel, including mileage reimbursement, motel stays and food.

Letters of interest with an attached resume must be emailed to: Greg Smith, MCRSP Executive Director at


If you are not able to e-mail your letter of interest and resume, you may also send a hard copy by mail to:

Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers
Attention: Greg Smith, Executive Director
1305 Southwest Boulevard, Suite D
Jefferson City, MO 65109

The deadline for receipt of letter of interest with associated resume is close of business Friday, May 1, 2020.

Send Resume To: