Program Director – The ROC

Salary: Up to $45,000

City: Columbia

State: Missouri

Job Description:

The Recovery Support and Reentry Opportunity Center (ROC) Overview:
The ROC will serve as a one-stop-shop for people recently released from jail or prison, and those under supervision in the criminal justice system. The ROC will be a hybrid of a Recovery Community Center and a Resource Center which will serve as place where those who are justice-involved can both come and belong and be treated with dignity and respect. People can now access the supports and resources needed to flourish, and they can do it in one place.

The ROC Community Center:
People do not need an appointment, nor have to have a reason to come by The ROC. While many may come to play video games, ping-pong, or to shoot some hoops, others may prefer to just relax on the couches and chairs and enjoy a cup of coffee and a never-ending supply of snacks. The Community Center is a safe place that people wanting to do the right thing can visit with and meet others like themselves wanting something different for their lives. The ROC will frequently host community events for the recovery community. The Spring Games for example will provide people opportunities to show off their skills through 3-point; chess; ping-pong; and video game competitions. Aside from the chance to win great prizes, The ROC will be providing BBQ. Concerts, New Years Parties, and other events are scheduled throughout the year.

The ROC Resource Center:
Having fun is great however we often need more than a good time to truly become the people we believe we were created to be. We have collaborated with over 15 providers in the Boone County area (and we are just getting started) to come to The ROC to do what they do best. Employment agencies are present to provide employment services, treatment agencies are present to provide substance use disorder treatment; behavioral health clinics are present to treat mental health, and on and on. Of course, not every agency is at The ROC at the same time however we have four “stations” for community providers, and they rotate through based on the need of the service. For example, recovery services and employment services are readily used so those providers might be at The ROC three times a week. Child-support services might only be at The ROC twice a month. There will always be four providers however whenever anyone walks through the door.

Our Staff:
The ROC will employ mostly Certified Peer Specialist (CPS). These are people who have been there and done that. Specifically, we seek out people who have both an addiction and an incarceration history. Our staff have completed a Department of Mental Health training in which they learn how to use their lived experience to walk along side of others who are on on the same journey. Our CPS Care Coordinator for example will be cross trained with every agency providing services at The ROC. While cross training, the coordinator will also identify specific ROC liaisons at each agency so as people come through The ROC with different needs, the coordinator will have specific people to connect them to. Our CPS Recovery Coaches can walk through addiction recovery with people, and our CPS Case Managers can get people connected to the various resources and supports they need to flourish. Various groups will also be held at The ROC including Winners Circle, a peer-led support group for people recently released from jail and prison. This group has already topped 60 voluntary participants in a single night.

Built around The ROC, we are creating the Central Missouri Prevention, Recovery, and Treatment Coalition. The coalition will allow various providers and governmental agencies in central Missouri to begin collaborating in meaningful ways to best serve the people of central Missouri. The ROC provides a tangible location for that collaboration to occur. The coalition will affiliate with the larger Missouri Coalition or Recovery Support Providers.

The Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC):
As the state of Missouri, and the nation works toward decarceration, we can expect more and more people in our communities who for years we believed belonged in prison. And when people are released from prison, they are required to report to the probation and parole office in the community they are returning to the day of release. Not so in Boone County. Because of DOC’s confidence in The ROC, people released to Boone County will not be required to report to the parole office on the day of release but instead report to The ROC. Think about the difference of reporting to a parole office where you sign a piece a paper and get an appointment to meet with your new PO a week or two away or you walk into The ROC, you get a hug and “Welcome Home” from a peer support specialist, and you sit on the couch and watch TV while drinking coffee. Additionally, the DOC will be sending the assessment information to The ROC on each person BEFORE their release so the staff at The ROC can begin addressing their risks and needs before they ever hit the street.

Promising Practice:
Both the Missouri Department of Corrections, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health, along with the Boone County Commission, the University of Missouri, and the Columbia Police Department have expressed their support and optimism about this model called The ROC. For far too long we have searched for a more effective solution for people released from prison. When successful, we expect The ROC to be replicated in communities across the state, and maybe the nation.

Reporting to the Executive Director (ED) of in2Action, The ROC Program Director will be responsible for the operational success of The ROC ensuring seamless program delivery, effective planning and development, program marketing, and quality control and evaluation. In this newly established role, the Program Director will manage growth in both staffing and programming. The Program Director will be the key external face of The ROC in the community.

• Recruit and cultivate relationships with service providers and governmental agencies with the goal of engaging each as an active partner in the efforts of The ROC.
• Develop and implement strategies that will maximize the synergies among program areas.
Team Management and Development:
• Foster and nurture a work culture which values care, compassion, and a nonjudgmental appreciation for all.
• Develop and implement a system to evaluate the skill, experience, and professional development needs of all staff.
• Implement a professional development program to address employee experience and skill gaps.
• Work with staff to develop objective performance measurements to ensure consistent, high-quality evaluation and goal setting for all employees.
• Instill a sense of accountability among team members by modeling appropriate oversight of individual and organization performance standards.
• Recruit, hire, and oversee training and orientation of all staff members.
Program Operational Management:
• Create or identify appropriate tools/instruments to establish consistent, objective program performance standards of accountability.
• Ensure program remains in compliance with all state and local requirements as well as those of various funders.
• Create internal and external progress and outcome reports for funders and stakeholders.

Requirements: Qualifications
This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual with administrative and management experience to grow and further develop an innovative program. The successful candidate will lead programs, develop staff, partner with the Executive Director and work collaboratively with numerous community partners.
Specific preferences include:
• Minimum of a BA, MA preferred.
• At least 6 years of experience with 2 years’ experience in an administrative/ management role.
• Demonstrated success developing and evaluating program models, and selecting and successfully operationalizing innovative programs.
• Proficient in using technology as a management reporting tool and experience working with information technology staff to develop and implement program evaluation systems.
• Strong project management skills managing complex, multifaceted projects resulting in measurable successes and program growth.
• Strong record of fund-raising and grant writing success.
• Strength in hiring, recruiting, managing, developing, coaching, and retaining individuals, empowering them to elevate their levels of responsibility, span-of-control and performance.
• Deep understanding of human resources, employee performance improvement plans, and corrective action policies.
• Demonstrated results in managing through complex systems and proven experience negotiating win-win agreements.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional attention to details.
The Program Director must be a person with:
• Integrity
• Compassion
• Wisdom
• Passion
• Authenticity
• Love
Who values:
• The dignity and worth of all people
• The importance of human relationships
• Making a difference
• Keeping commitments

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