SATOP Evaluator (QP)/Qualified Instructor (QI)

Salary: $20 – $30 per assessment/ $300 Per Class Instructed

Job Description: Outreach Consulting and Counseling Services is looking for a qualified individual to do SATOP screenings in Pulaski County. This job would consist of conducting the assessments/screenings primarily for clients with DWI's utilizing the Driver's Risk Inventory and guidelines set by the Department of Mental Health. Evaluators will conduct one on one interviews with the clients, with the DRI's testing results and have client-written information and will then recommend a level of service to complete to their SATOP process. Will need to be able to produce their credentials to OCCS Inc. and keep them up to date, also abide by the code of ethics. This would be paid per assessment completed. Pay is $20- $30 per assessment depending on experience.

Also looking for a Qualified Instructor to teach the Offender Education Program (OEP). This program would be taught approximately every other month. Pay is $300 per class.

Location: Waynesville, MO


Requirements:  Must have Qualified Professional credential and be in good standing. Would prefer that you reside in the area or close to Waynesville. Must be reliable, dependable and able to write assessments properly while working in a busy office in Waynesville.

Please submit resume to:

Thank you,
Shellie Davis Ruble
President of OCCS Inc.

To Apply: Please Submit a resume and cover letter to: Shellie Davis Ruble