Substance Use Disorder Counselor

Salary: $33,000-$42,000 Based on education and credential

Job Description: DESCRIPTION
This is a responsible position delivering substance use treatment services to consumers who suffer from substance use problems in an outpatient treatment setting(s). The work assignment may be at a single location or at multiple community-based treatment sites and involve travel. An employee in this class provides counseling and guidance to assist consumers in their personal recovery process including addressing such clinical issues as overcoming denial, recognizing feelings and behavior, encouraging personal responsibility, and constructively using leisure time. Duties include the core functions of substance use counseling: treatment planning, conducting individual and group counseling sessions, case management, crisis intervention, client education, referral, reporting and record keeping, and consultation. All work is in accordance with the requirements of the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and contractual regulations. Work is performed under the general supervision of a senior counselor or clinical supervisor and reviewed through direct observation, reports, and staff conferences.

Work may include but is not limited to the following examples:

1. Remains alert during working hours; attends work as scheduled, and complies with attendance policies.

2. In face-to-face interviews with consumers, conducts intake, orientation, screening, evaluation, and assessment of consumer problems and needs, and develops individualized treatment goals and objectives. Determines appropriate course of action.

3. Provides culturally sensitive, effective therapeutic services directed at treatment plan goals that include individual and group counseling, case management assistance, and information and education directed at addressing problems related to substance abuse. Assists consumers who are in crisis.

4. Assesses, monitors, evaluates and records consumer participation, progress, and adjustment against measurable recorded treatment goals, by using collaborative documentation.

5. Coordinates the delivery of needed services to consumers with state and local contractors, public assistance organizations, and social service organizations. Makes appropriate referrals and appointments.

6. Maintains timely, legible, clear, concise, and well-organized records of services provided. Documents the results of assessment and treatment plans; writes reports, progress notes, discharge summaries and other consumer related data.

7. Must be able to use the agency electronic medical record program for all documentation. Is required to use collaborative documentation.

8. Attends multi-disciplinary treatment team meetings and provides information regarding consumer problems, progress, plans. Attends staff meetings, administrative meetings, and training, as required.

9. Develops and maintains effective professional rapport and therapeutic relationships with consumers.

10. Maintains the confidentiality of consumer information.

11. Develops and maintains professional, cooperative working relationships within the agency, and with state and local contractors, public assistance, and social service organizations.

12. Adheres to established professional ethical and behavioral standards of conduct and continuing professional development.

13. Must adhere to the agency service hour requirements.

14. May transport consumers to therapeutic activities, as required.

15. Provides services at multiple sites, as required.

16. Dresses in appropriate business attire; is well groomed and professional in appearance.

17. Performs other related work, as assigned.

Knowledge of recovery process and ability to apply principles in assisting others.

Knowledge of basic counseling and substance use rehabilitation principles, practices and techniques.

Knowledge of current resources available to persons with substance use problems.

Working knowledge of the certification requirements of the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse for the provision of services to persons suffering from substance use problems.

Working knowledge of human behavior, attitudes and motivation and its applicability in the rehabilitation of persons suffering from substance use problems or dependency.

Skill in resolving conflicts and negotiating with others.

Skill in guiding and instructing individuals in individual and group settings.

Skill in maintaining organized consumer records in accordance with certification requirements.

Ability to motivate consumers in recovery process

Ability to establish a professional and therapeutic rapport with consumers; to assist, and exercise tact, patience, respect and understanding of others.

Ability to recognize symptoms of substance abuse and to elicit information from individuals concerning underlying reasons for addiction.

Ability to communicate effectively with consumers, their family members, other staff and the general public.

Ability to work effectively with persons from diverse cultures and backgrounds and to respect individual differences.

Ability to act decisively when necessary to protect consumers; to make judgments about crisis and carry out appropriate course of action.

Ability to work harmoniously and professionally with employees, consumers, consumer families, guardians, public agencies, and the general public.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and through legible and clear writing.

Ability to handle confidential information appropriately.

Ability to recognize potential ethical problems and address in ethical manner.

Ability to plan and organize working time effectively.

Ability to be proficient in typing.

Ability to work with autonomy or with minimum direction.

Location: Saint Joseph, Missouri



The following education and experience qualifications are the minimum requirement used to admit or reject applicants for consideration.

1. Have a masters in Social Work or Psychology with at least one (1) year of full-time experience in the treatment of persons with Substance Use Disorders;


2. Certified or registered as a substance abuse professional (CADC, CRADC, CRAADC, RSAP-P) by the Missouri Substance Abuse Counselors’ Certification Board, Inc.


1.The successful candidate is expected to apply for and achieve recognition or certification by
the Missouri Substance Abuse Counselor Certification Board, Inc. as a MAADC or CADC or
closely related certification. This must be accomplished within 180 days of appointment of
position and must maintain this status throughout employment.

2.Possession of a valid driver’s license and is, and remains insurable, under Family Guidance
Center automobile liability insurance.

3.In accordance with Section 217.115 RSMO, no employees of this department may be
currently, or have been under the supervision of local, state, or federal, correctional
supervision within the last two (2) years.

• Will meet agency service delivery goals consistently.

• Will meet timeliness of service entry goals 90% of the time.

• Documentation will meet agency standards 95% of the time.

An Equal Opportunity Employer
Family Guidance Center does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

To Apply: Please Submit a resume and cover letter to: apply online at website