Certified Peer Specialist

Salary: 15.00

Job Description: Job Summary: Certified Peer Specialists play a vital role in fostering recovery-oriented environments by utilizing their own lived experiences. They actively contribute to building supportive communities and empowering individuals through hope, personal responsibility, education, and self-determination.

General Accountabilities:

Initiate and maintain mutual support and education groups to facilitate a sense of community and promote recovery.
Facilitate discussions and dialogues on topics related to recovery and resilience, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.
Teach and demonstrate effective symptom management skills to help individuals better cope with their challenges.
Teach and model problem-solving skills to empower individuals in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.
Support individuals in their efforts to obtain and sustain paid employment, providing guidance and resources.
Utilize the stages of recovery concept to encourage individuals' self-determination and active involvement in their own recovery journey.
Assist peers in setting goals and providing ongoing support to ensure engagement in wellness and health-promoting activities.
Conduct recovery-supportive groups to provide a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and receive support.
Intervene in crisis situations, offering immediate support and assistance either in person or via phone.
Process intake documents to ensure accurate and comprehensive information is collected.
Maintain detailed case notes using the SIRP documentation format to track individual progress and support continuity of care.
Conduct urine analysis (UA) tests when required and maintain proper documentation of results.
Adhere to the CPS Code of Ethics as per DMH (Department of Mental Health) standards.
Depending on the assigned department, additional office duties may be assigned as needed.
Note: The specific office duties may vary based on the department and organizational requirements.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Website: https://bit.ly/3tvGNOu

Requirements:  Qualifications:

Education: High School Diploma or equivalent.
Experience: Possess one to two years of relevant experience.
Certification: Hold a valid Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) certification.
Proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing Google Suite.
Preferred Knowledge: Familiarity with Combat Connections (CCL) is highly desirable.
Substance-Free Lifestyle: Maintain a minimum of six months to one year of abstaining from drugs and alcohol.
Drug Test: Successfully pass a drug test as required.
Background Check: Satisfactorily complete a comprehensive background check

Active Listening: Ability to attentively listen to individuals and understand their perspectives and needs without judgment.
Peer Support: Provide empathetic and non-judgmental support to peers based on personal lived experiences.
Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey information and engage in productive conversations with individuals and teams.
Empowerment: Promote a sense of empowerment and self-determination in individuals, encouraging them to take charge of their own recovery journey.
Problem-Solving: Assist individuals in developing problem-solving skills and finding effective solutions to challenges they may encounter.
Cultural Competence: Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and understanding to effectively engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities.
Confidentiality: Adhere to strict confidentiality standards and maintain the privacy of individuals' personal information.
Documentation: Accurately and efficiently document relevant information, progress notes, and other required documentation using prescribed formats and guidelines.
Crisis Intervention: Possess the ability to provide support and intervene appropriately during crisis situations, both in-person and over the phone.
Teamwork: Collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary teams and professionals to ensure comprehensive care and support for individuals.
Organization and Time Management: Efficiently manage time, prioritize tasks, and maintain organized records to ensure smooth operations and meet deadlines.
Adaptability: Quickly adapt to changing situations, needs, and priorities in a dynamic work environment.
Computer Literacy: Proficiently utilize computer applications, including Google Suite or similar software, for documentation and communication purposes.
Self-Care: Practice self-care strategies and maintain personal wellness to sustain emotional well-being while providing support to others.

To Apply: Please Submit a resume and cover letter to: jeremiah@healinghouseinc.net, elise@healinghouseinc.net jeremiah@healinghouseinc.net