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Important Notice To Applicants

According to Missouri Credentialing Board (MCB) Policies and Procedures, the following rules apply to those seeking a MCB credential.

  1. No individual currently under any type of court supervision can apply for a MCB credential except for the Certified Peer Specialist credential.
  2. The following items disqualify an individual from being credentialed with the MCB:
    • Is listed on the Department of Mental Health disqualification registry
    • Is listed on the employee disqualification list of the Dept. Health and Senior Services or Dept. of Social Service
    • Any crime against a minor
    • A person who has been convicted of, found guilty to, plead guilty to or nolo contendere to any of the Disqualifying Crime (s) Pursuant to Section 630.170, RSMo. The crime (s) will only disqualify an applicant if the crime (s) were a felony. Please view information about Section 630.170, RSMo on the MCB web site under the Disqualifying Crimes Link.
  3. If an individual has applied for and been given an exception from the Department of Mental Health, the individual may apply for a MCB credential. Please upload proof of exception with your application.

You will not be able to apply for the credential until payment is received.

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