Peer Summit Region 7 Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa

Elevating Professionalism Together: Advancing Through Peer Collaboration

October 24-25, 2024 - Kansas City Expo Center

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Featured Wednesday Opening Speaker:

Thomas Gabriel

Born in Ventura, CA, to Kathy Cash (Johnny Cash’s daughter with Vivian Liberto), Thomas Gabriel toured with his grandparents, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Early musical passion turned to struggles with substance abuse, leading to arrests and prison. There, he rediscovered songwriting. Post-release, he began his debut album Long Way Home in 2018. Now, Gabriel focuses on music and spreading awareness about addiction.

Special Closing Speaker:

Damon West

Damon West, M.S. in Criminal Justice, is a college professor, keynote speaker, and 3x Wall Street Journal bestselling author. His book, The Coffee Bean, was a Forbes top book for 2020. His autobiography, The Change Agent, details his transformation from a life sentence to an inspiring speaker. A former Division 1 quarterback, West turned to drugs after a career-ending injury. In prison, he had a spiritual awakening, learning to change his environment like a coffee bean in boiling water. Now, he inspires thousands, including clients like Walmart and the U.S. Army, with his message of redemption and resilience.

Thursday Presentation/Documentary Screening:

Rosalind (Roz) Pichardo

Rosalind (Roz) Pichardo is a nationally recognized leader known for her grassroots work in building healthier and safer communities. For the past decade, she has provided grief counseling and advocacy for families of homicide victims, and crisis support for victims of drug overdoses and violent crimes in Kensington, Philadelphia. A native of Kensington, Roz developed her street outreach methods while healing from personal trauma. She has been featured in documentaries like Tipping the Pain Scales and Hello Sunshine. In 2023, she trained top U.S. officials on administering Narcan. Roz is the Founder and Executive Director of Operation Save Our City, aiding those in need of trauma or substance abuse recovery services.

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1st Annual Region 7 Peer Summit
Elevating Professionalism
Together: Advancing Through
Peer Collaboration

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Conference Information

Date and Location

October 24-25, 2024
Holiday Inn Expo Center
11728 N. Ambassador Drive; Kansas City, Mo. 64153
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Featured Speakers and Topics

  • Thomas Gabriel—Opening Speaker
  • Rosalind Pichardo—Thursday afternoon
  • Damon West—Closing Speaker
  • SAMSHA Speakers
  • ATTC Speakers
  • Office of Recovery
  • Certified Peer Specialists; Family Support Providers; Youth Peer Support
  • Trauma Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Ethics Hours

Award Nominations

Nominate Now for the
Peer Excellence Award,
Hidden Gem Award, and
Guiding Light Award!

We’re seeking individuals who embody these qualities. Award winners will be celebrated at the first Annual Region 7 Peer Summit, themed “Elevating Professionalism Together: Advancing Through Peer Collaboration.” Join us at the Kansas City Expo Center on October 24-25, 2024. Submit your nominations today!first

Peer Excellence Award

The Peer Excellence Award celebrates peers who epitomize leadership and compassion within our community. This accolade honors remarkable individuals who consistently demonstrate initiative, empathy, and the power to inspire others. Through tireless dedication, recipients make impactful contributions that elevate our community. Their exemplary conduct and profound influence serve as a beacon for others to follow. This award recognizes their outstanding character and the significant difference they make each day. It honors their ability to foster an environment of collaboration, understanding, and growth. In recognizing their achievements, we pay tribute to their leadership, empathy, and enduring legacy, shaping a brighter future for all.

Hidden Gem Award

The Hidden Gem Award honors extraordinary peers whose exceptional performance and contributions often go unnoticed. This prestigious accolade honors quiet champions who consistently exceed expectations and make a significant impact. Through unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, recipients demonstrate unparalleled talent and capability. Their remarkable achievements serve as the cornerstone of success, embodying collaboration and excellence. This award recognizes their invaluable contributions, often the backbone of operations and innovation. Celebrating these unsung heroes highlights their resilience, ingenuity, and profound impact, inspiring others and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Guiding Light Award

The Guiding Light Award spotlights exceptional supervisors who illuminate
the path to success for their peers,
providing guidance, support, and mentorship. This prestigious accolade celebrates their invaluable contributions, recognizing their role in fostering trust, empowerment, and collaboration.
Through steadfast leadership and commitment, award recipients embody mentorship and inspire greatness,
making a transformative impact on both professional and personal development. They set the standard for excellence, nurturing talent and driving collective success. By honoring these exemplary supervisors, we acknowledge their role as catalysts for growth and achievement within their teams and organizations.