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MCB Staff

2020 Board Meeting Dates

  • Thursday, January 16 Jefferson City

  • Thursday, March 19 Conference Call

  • Thursday, May 21 Jefferson City

  • Thursday, July 16 Conference Call

  • Thursday, September 17 Conference Call

  • Thursday, November 19 Jefferson City

MCB Board of Directors

  • President
    Ryan Essex
    Southeast Region Rep.
    (w) 573-332-041
  • Secretary
    Kenneth Vick
    NW Region Rep.
  • Jane Pfefferkorn
    MCRSP Rep.
    (w) 573-481-0505
  • Lori Franklin
    Behavorial Health Rep.
    (w) 573-751-0768
  • Derek McClure
    Eastern Region Rep.
    (w) 636-224-1158
  • Clif Johnson
    (w) 573-431-0554
  • Merna Leisure-Eppick
    Southwest Region Rep.
    (c) 626-533-7648
  • Vice President
    Mark McDonald
    (w) 417-434-5015
  • Treasurer
    Alicia Ozenberger
    ACT-MO Rep.
    (w) 573-635-6669
  • Patricia Johnson
    MRN Rep.
  • Marta Nolin
    DOC Rep.
    (w) 573-526-6545
  • Natalie Cook
    Coalition Rep.
    (w) 573-634-4626
  • LaReecia Carter
    CHW Rep.
    (w) 314-353-5190
  • Dan Hanneken
    Central Region Rep.
    (w) 573-424-4388

COVID-19 Virus Announcements

March 19, 2020:

Please be advised that our building is temporarily unable to receive mail and we have opened a PO Box.  All mail should be sent to:

Missouri Credentialing Board

P.O. Box 105380

Jefferson City, Mo. 65110

March 16, 2020:

Live Trainings:  With careful consideration, it has been determined it is best to cancel all upcoming MCB March and April trainings.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending social distancing when possible due to the COVID-19 virus.

Spring Renewals:  If you are renewing in April 2020 you will no longer be required to complete all your required educational hours; however, you will still need to provide a copy of your required ethics hours.  (You will however be allowed to do online ethics).

These changes are only in effect for this Spring April 2020 Renewal Date. For all future renewal dates including October 2020 you will be required to complete all required educational hours and “live” ethics trainings.