CPS Exam 6

Exam Process

Only members who have completed CPS Training are allowed to take this Exam. You will take the test under the supervision of your supervisor. Below is information to consider.

  • Your supervisor will need to enter an access code when you start the test.
  • You have to answer all 25 questions on the exam.
  • There is no time limit on the test. The exam is not over until you log off.
  • You must take the exam in one sitting – you cannot log on and off the test.
  • You must score a 75% or above to pass the exam.

If you do not pass the exam first time, you will have additional opportunities to pass the exam. Obtaining Authorization Code for Retaking Exam The supervisor should contact Missouri Credentialing Board, help@missouricb.com or 573-616-2300, at least a week in advance to obtain reauthorization for the examinee to retake the exam. The previous training codes will not work.

Course Information